How to Write an Accountant Cover Letter

How to Write an Accountant Cover Letter

Writing an accountant cover letter can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, with the correct advice, you can write a powerful, professional accounting letter that will grab employers’ attention and help you get hired faster. 

Make an Immediate Impact


Your cover letter is the first impression that your make on an employer. The obvious benefit is that your accounting cover letter states your qualifications and intentions to a future employer. However, there are other, less obvious benefits. The cover letter shows the employer your writing ability, your enthusiasm for the job, and your attention to detail. Taking time to write an impressive and professional accountant cover letter will definitely help you land that accounting job you are dreaming of.


Be Consistent in Your Formatting


Typically, a cover letter should be one page in length with about 3-4 paragraphs. Your cover letter should be written in a common font, like Times New Roman. Make sure you use the same font that you use in your resume so that your application materials look consistent. The font should be about 10-12 points, and the paper should have one inch margins. However, adjusting font size and margins slightly can help you stay within desired lengths. It is also common to use bullets and bolded words to make certain pieces of information stand out. This will also make your cover letter seem more appealing and increases the chances of it being read.



Include This Information...



Intention and Reason for Applying


Begin your cover letter with stating what job you are applying for and why. Make employers understand your enthusiasm for the position. Explain why you want the position and that you are a great person for the job.



Qualifications and Experiences


Next, explain what makes you qualified for the job. Mention your degree(s) or certification(s) and explain how your experience makes you the ideal candidate for this accounting position. You may want to chose one or two highlights from your resume to elaborate upon, to make the argument for why you’d make the best hire.





Your skill set could be what separates you from other candidates. List your top skills in bullet form: it’s easier to read, and will make your resume seem more visually appealing. For this section, you many want to mention computer skills, word processing skills, or any other skills you have that you feel make you a valuable applicant.



With this information at your fingertips, hopefully the process of writing a cover letter for accounting jobs will be a little bit easier. To make cover-letter writing even more hassle-free, use LiveCareer’scover letter builderto help with formatting and to give your cover letter a more professional look. There’s 1000s of accounting jobs just waiting for the 

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