How to Write an Accounting Cover Letter

How to Write an Accounting Cover Letter

The job of an accountant is an exact science, and so, too, should be the cover letter. Snagging a hiring manager's attention must be done in just a few sentences because job openings today are competitive. Don't bore a future employer with a lengthy and rambling cover letter. Use the following guidelines to write an accounting cover letter that will make an impact on hiring managers.

What Every Cover Letter Needs

Before drafting the contents of a cover letter, it's essential to design an effective outline. An outline will keep the letter concise while also including everything necessary for the reader to get an accurate picture of an applicant's viability for the job. Remember to include the following when drafting an accounting cover letter:

  • Brief introduction of accounting history
  • Summary of talents/skills in accounting
  • Brief closing
  • Contact information

Overall, the whole theme of a cover letter should be "succinct." Don't use an entire sentence when a simple phrase will accomplish the same thing.

Tip: Have a friend or colleague look at the cover letter for spelling and grammar mistakes. Or use Resume Check to catch common resume issues. An applicant with stellar experience will see his cover letter in the recycling bin if there are any grammar problems.

Impressing the Reader with Specifics

A concise and well-written accounting cover letter will garner positive notice from a company, but it's important to go further than surface-deep. Perform some research on the company to get a feel for their corporate "vibe" and try to match it in the cover letter. Is the company new with radical ideas? Is it established and traditional?

Perhaps your research might lead you to find out that the company recently opened a new store or expanded the office. Think about how you could help the company grow with your talents in accounting. Then, create specific examples of how you can be useful to your new company.

Tip: Don't parrot the name of the job title in the first sentence as part of an introduction. That just wastes the reader's time.

Write an Accounting Cover Letter With Important Skills

Modifying and updating a cover letter each time it's sent out to a new, potential employer will get the best results; however, most accounting cover letters will include many of the same skills. For example, an accounting job like a payroll accountant will require skills on tax filings and reconciling payroll taxes, as well as management of wage garnishments and unemployment taxes.

Buzz words that are eternally valuable for nearly all accounting letters include "strong attention to detail," "organized," and "multitasker." Accounting figures must be exact, or a company could be on the hook for large fees. Therefore, words like "exacting" are exceedingly valuable when you write an accounting cover letter. An application in the accounting field must demonstrate close attention to detail. This means no grammar mistakes, faultless spelling, and perfect formatting.

Tip: Most medium and large businesses today run resumes through computer programs that look for keywords. Make sure a cover letter hits all the important points so that it's not rejected before a human ever reads it.

Today's accounting job market is competitive, and it's easy for forgettable cover letters to get lost in the shuffle. Learn how to write an accounting cover letter at LiveCareer that will turn heads and leave the reader wanting to know all about your outstanding account.

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