3 Common Mistakes on Manager Cover Letters

3 Common Mistakes on Manager Cover Letters

Hiring managers expect cover letter mistakes from entry-level job hunters, but cover letter mistakes from management level candidates are always a bit a of a surprise. The problem with cover letter mistakes in management resume packages is that managers are expected to have a strong eye for detail. Glaring cover letter mistakes made by a managerial candidate can really hurt your chances of getting hired. Avoid these 3 common mistakes and start getting more callbacks for interviews.

Mistake #1: Not customizing your cover letter.


There are cover letter mistakes which occur in entry-level resume packages as well as managerial resume offerings. But the biggest cover letter mistake that managers make is not customizing their information to speak directly to the hiring manager reading the letter. A managerial candidate should never take her experience for granted. Take the time to include information that'll have value for each specific hiring manager and avoid sounding pre-packaged and generic.

Mistake #2: Not selling your talents enough.


A company that's looking to hire a managerial candidate wants to hire someone who has an impressive background. Your cover letter needs to sell your skills from the very first word to the last. Humility often winds up being one of the bigger cover letter mistakes managers make. Don't be afraid to tout your accomplishments on your cover letter. Highlight your achievements, awards, promotions, etc. to convince the company that you're the right candidate--and wherever possible, be specific (“Increased sales by 150%”, etc.)

Mistake #3: Not showing how YOU fit the company’s needs.


A company looking to hire a manager has a problem that it's looking to solve with new personnel. How do you solve that problem? Not only should you talk about your talents, but you need to show how those talents solve the company's problem of a lack in managerial leadership. Yes, you want to make sure that the company understands your skill set and your background. But don't make the cover letter mistake of forgetting to apply those talents to solving the personnel issue the company is having.

Finally, before you send your cover letter off to employers, be sure to double and triple check it for mistakes--mistakes can be career-killers! LiveCareer’s cover letter builder and cover letter examples are invaluable tools you can use to build and structure a professional cover letter that will grab employers’ attention, and move your application to the top of the interview pile!



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