How to Write a Manager Cover Letter

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Be Concise and Detailed

While a resume provides the detail, a concise manager cover letter helps create interest in those details. If you're crafting your manager cover letter, it should not simply be a rehash of the wording of your resume. Take the time to carefully evaluate the position to which you are applying. Attempt to include in your manager cover letter the precise language that responds to the offered job description.

Proofreading is Key

When writing your cover letter, it's essential to read and proofread the final product very carefully. If possible, have someone who is knowledgeable about grammar carefully review your manager cover letter and ensure there are no errors. Also, your formatting and personal information should match that of the attached resume.

Highlight Your Leadership Skills

As to the actual content of your manager cover letter, be sure to highlight your skills and experience as a manager. If you don’t have a ton of experience,use the cover letter to discuss what has prepared you to assume a management position and why you want the specific job you’re applying for. Stress your leadership and sense of responsibility. Avoid both pleading and bragging while clearly presenting your case in your manager cover letter. 

Stand Out From The Competition

To separate yourself from the other candidates vying for your position, your cover letter will need to make a convincing case why you stand out from the pack. To that end, make sure your letter displays a sense of professionalism confidence. Show that you have the skills to do the job by highlighting past achievements. Avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes that could brand you as unprofessional and destroy your chances of advancing to the next round in your job search. Use brevity and proper word choice to showcase your writing skills and show your respect for employers’ time.

As a final thought, make sure that your cover letter and resume are each designed specifically to fit the specific job you’re targeting. While mass distribution of generic letters and resumes will sometimes do the trick (if you’re very lucky), you’ll get much stronger response to a more personalized, targeted letter. Use LiveCareer’s Cover Letter Builder as a framework to create a memorable, powerful cover letter that will put you in better position to land the job you want.  

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