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Searching and applying for jobs can be intimidating at first. There are many sources for advice and information, but often job seekers have no idea where to even start. Of all the frequently asked cover letter questions, here are the most common. Follow these tips, and you'll be well on track towards landing the perfect job.

1. How Long Should My Cover Letter Be?

Most cover letters should be one page in length. The cover letter should provide a brief introduction to your resume and a summarization of your experience or related experience in the field. Keep in long enough to be comprehensive, but short enough so that the hiring person reading it isn't intimidated by the length and tempted to skip it.

Length depends partially on the extent of your experience in a related field and to the requirements and expectations of the job you are applying for. 

2. What Should My Cover Letter Cover?

Employers want to know a few main things which they will expect to ascertain from a brief glimpse of your cover letter. First, they will want to find out how you heard about the job.

Then they will expect to see from your cover letter if and how you meet the specifications that they are looking for in a candidate. Do you meet the requirements for the job? Does your experience relate to their field of interest?

Thirdly, they will want to know why you're interested in the job. Are you simply applying because you can't find anything better, or are you genuinely interested in the work you'll be doing there? Employers want to hire applicants who are not just qualified, but who are really interested and motivated to excel.

Lastly, they will glean from the overall tone of your letter whether or not you will be likable and easy to work with. Is your tone upbeat, friendly and optimistic? 

3. Should I Include Salary Information?

A frequently asked cover letter question is whether or not salary information should be included. There are a couple of schools of thought on this. 

Some say you should include this information as it will signal to the requiters that you are upfront and responsive. Others say not to include the information, as most candidates that meet the interests and needs of the company will be interviewed regardless.

So when it doubt, leave it out. 

4. Should I Follow up with Email or Physical Resume?

In today's business world, electronic communication is a completely valid and accepted. Hard copies of resumes are not advisable unless one has been requested. Most of the business, industry and market sector is current with online modes of communication.

5. Should I Mention Why I'm in the Job Market? 

Whether or not you should explain why you're in the job market is a frequently asked cover letter question. There is no specified requirement to give an explanation for your current status as a job-seeker. If you parted with a company for reasons that are perfectly acceptable, such as a business closure, then including that information can send a positive message. 

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