How to Choose a Cover Letter Template


Writing a cover letter can be as time-consuming as drafting its counterpart, the resume. Writing a cover letter isn’t something we do every day, so you’re not alone if you feel out of practice. Once you’ve learned how to properly, you should consider making the task even easier with a cover letter template. Here’s why.

While the proper format will ensure a professional presentation, a cover letter template goes a step further. The information contained in the body of your cover letter is going to vary depending on your situation. A cover letter template is a preformatted document appropriate for entry-level applicants to accomplished professionals. Let’s take a look at how your cover letter template choice might vary depending on your situation.

Entry Level Cover Letter Template

An individual fresh out of college and entering the workforce for the first time should focus on their education in their cover letter, listing the school attended and degree obtained. A list of bullet points should cover additional training skills as well as experience obtained through volunteering and internships. Leave the specifics for your resume.

Career Change Cover Letter Template

Someone seeking a career change should express enthusiasm for a new career and focus on tying their current skills, qualifications and experience to the demands of the new job. If you’ve been proactive in getting the necessary training for your new position, make sure to say so.

Executive Cover Letter Template

A person with executive-level experience should emphasize the number of years on the job and highlight major accomplishments while making a commitment to helping the organization achieve its goals. The delivery here is more active than passive, requesting a formal interview and promising to follow-up in a timely manner.

LiveCareer’s Cover Letter Builder

OurCover Letter Buildercontains cover letter templates for the above scenarios and many more. All you have to do is supply the details. Create as many versions of your cover letter as you want, save them and access them anytime.

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How to Choose a Cover Letter Template

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