How to Write a Cover Letter Faster


As a job seeker, you may not like the idea of writing a cover letter. However, that is no reason why you should avoid writing one. Employers want to see you take the initiative to show interest in a job. There are ways that you can speed up the process and write a cover letter in only a few minutes. All you need is good planning if you want to write cover letters faster.

Outline the Resume

Organizing your ideas is one of the best ways to write quickly. Outlining your resume allows you to arrange details from the most important to the least. It is easier to write in complete sentences when you have an outline to work with. Subdivide each bullet point to include more information, if necessary. It helps to look at samples of outlines as you compose. For anyone who writes an essay, book or cover letter, making an outline is necessary.

Set a Deadline

For every major task you need to do, put yourself under a strict deadline. A deadline is needed if you want to avoid working at the last minute. Choose a time and date when you finish writing a cover letter. Following a deadline is a good way to finish a task that you may not enjoy doing. 

When you set a deadline, you have enough time to plan every aspect of a project. Break it down into a series of major and minor tasks. Then, rank each task according to importance. Write the resume first and then make an outline for the cover letter.

Do the Research First

It is not useful to be a writer who flips through books and types on the computer at the same time. Do all of the research before you compose. That way, you do not have to stop writing and start browsing on the computer. When you know what you are writing about, you write more quickly and fluently. It is easy to turn research notes into an outline that is used to create a cover letter.

All writers suffer from time constraints, even the ones who write cover letters. There are plenty of tips that will help you to write a cover letter faster and still maintain the quality. First, create an outline that allows you to put together sentences more easily. After you write the cover letter, check the accuracy of the spelling and grammar. Learn how to write a cover letter faster so that you manage time wisely and submit the next job application quickly.

Finally, if you want to write a  memorable cover letter quickly and effectively, LiveCareer’s Cover Letter Builder can help you do it. And check out their Cover Letter Examples for some excellent sample letters you can use as a guide.


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