Server Cover Letter Example

If you’re looking for a new server job and want to expedite the job-hunting process, you’ll need to write a strong cover letter. Use our handy server cover letter example attached below and subsequent writing do’s and don’ts to write a winning document that will make you stand out. ●Do use metrics to illustrate your previous impact on employers. Did you train a certain number of new hires? How many tables did you serve daily? Quantify any experience you can. ●Don’t over-focus on your educational background. While you may not have a substantial amount of experience, make sure you highlight the experience you do have–whether it’s work or volunteering.

  • Do consider including testimonials. If you have good feedback from previous managers or coworkers, feel free to use their praise as proof of your success as a server.
  • Don’t use too much fluff. Hiring managers can tell when you’re using buzzwords or filler statements. Focus on your showcasing your skills with clear, concise, and descriptive statements.

Server Advice 

If you're looking for a server job on a cruise, in an amusement park, or with a catering business, you'll need experiences, references, and a solid cover letter. Not sure how to create your server cover letter? Use the cover letter examples below as a handy guide. With these cover letter examples, you'll be in better shape to write a job-winning cover letter of your own, and get the job faster!

Cover Letter Tips for Server 

1. Get off the computer and on your feet. While online networking has its place, it still doesn’t compare to good old-fashioned eye contact. Seek out job fairs and contact industry leaders for face-to-face meetings.

2. In addition to starting more conversations, take time to beef up your social media profiles. Having a stellar presence both in person and online makes for a winning combination.

3. Be both creative and persistent. Not all the old rules of the job market apply in the new economy, and it’s okay to be the person that follows up relentlessly and tweaks their cover letter to really stand out from the crowd.

4. Own your job search. Your circle of influence is in your hands more than ever when seeking a new job, and by rethinking your strategy instead of following traditional norms, you put your job seeking skills outside the box.

5. Be entrepreneurial in spirit. Don’t be afraid to jet out on your own terms, starting a small business or doing private consulting for your own clients while you are in between jobs. You never know where opportunities like this may lead.

Server Job Seeking Tips 

If you are seeking a job as a Server, your best place to start is spending some quality time with your cover letter. Regardless of whether you find yourself dusting off your old cover letter or creating your first one from scratch, following these tips should give you an edge in the market.
1. Keep your cover letter’s appearance fresh and simple. Make for easy reading by adjusting the text to align flush left, which is standard.
2. Section off your cover letter into compartments in order to make it readable at a glance. Experience, achievements, skills, and employment history are typical sections to start with.
3. Focus your cover letter as sharply as possible on your unique accomplishments. Your reader may not be looking at it for more than a few seconds.
4. Consider adding an ‘objective’ section that summarizes your desire to work for a particular employer.
5. Include minimal, but easy to find, contact information, like email address, phone number, and social media profile.

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