Media and Entertainment Cover Letter Example

Media and Entertainment Advice 

Land a job in media & entertainment with a stand-out cover letter. Our industry-specific cover letter examples can help give you the edge you need to succeed. Use the media & entertainment cover letter examples below to build a better, more effective cover letter in just minutes. Get started today and take the next step toward a better job!

Cover Letter Tips for Media and Entertainment 

When you decide it's time to find a new job, it helps to create a list of goals and a plan to reach them. Consider the following points as you work on your own plan.
1. Prepare yourself. Keep copies of your cover letter readily available and print out some business cards. Always have an interview outfit ready in case you are called in at the last minute.
2. Assess your skills. If you find they have dwindled some over time, do what you can to rebuild them. See about free local classes, night classes at the community college or free online courses.
3. Keep up with your industry. Check out blogs, popular social media accounts and industry journals to learn about the latest technology, equipment and techniques.
4. Use social media to your advantage. Use your LinkedIn account, search relevant Twitter hashtags and join Facebook groups related to your industry.
5. Ask about additional resources. Your local government might offer classes to help you prepare for interviews and local libraries often have resources available.

Media and Entertainment Job Seeking Tips 

When looking for jobs in Media and Entertainment, you must have a professional and well-written cover letter. Use these guidelines to help you write a better one.
1. Do design your own cover letter template. Almost everyone uses stock templates, so designing your own could help you stand out from the crowd. Stick to basic black and white to remain professional.
2. Don’t forget about formatting. Make it clear when new sections begin and be sure to use proper spacing between sections and information for easy skimming.
3. Do use quantifiable information where possible. Instead of saying to raised sales, provide a percentage. If you made a big sale for your previous company, mention how much it was worth.
4. Don’t omit relevant information. It may seem trivial, but it is important for you to include the locations of your previous jobs and where you went to school. You should also include the month and year you started and left each job. If you graduated within the last decade, include the year in which you graduated.
5. Do proofread your cover letter before sending it out. Proper spelling and grammar is vital if you want to be taken seriously. If spelling, punctuation and sentence structure aren’t your strong points, ask a trusted friend or family member to look it over for you.

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