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Looking to get a highly coveted job in management? The cover letter examples are designed to show you how. Click on any of the examples below and review them, then choose your design and format, and start building an effective managerial cover letter of your own. Don't wait any longer to begin the next phase of your career. Check out these management cover letter examples today!

Cover Letter Tips for Management 

Looking for jobs usually takes time, but with a little research, you’re more likely to find a position that matches your skills and interests. Here are some general tips to keep in mind:
1. Network, Network. Many people get jobs because they know people. Get your name out there and don’t miss out on recruiting fairs. Plus, if you’re lucky to snag an interview, you’ll be more comfortable having already met the hiring manager.
2. Be prepared to wait. Each organization hires differently, but the application process for most jobs in Management will be longer than just a few days. Be respectful of timelines, and get started as early as you can.
3. Be prepared for rejection. Competition is fierce, especially in smaller markets. Getting turned down is common simply due to the sheer number of applicants for each position. Be persistent and don’t let this get you down.
4. Do plenty of research. Avoid walking blindly into an interview. Before applying to any jobs in Management, make sure you’ve read up on the organization and job description.
5. Get help if you’re lost. Job seeking can be a hectic process, and there’s nothing wrong with seeking advice. Consider a staffing company or a professional cover letter builder. If you’re a student, don’t ignore the great resources available in your school’s career center.

Management Job Seeking Tips 

You have much more leeway on your cover letter than you do on an online application. Take advantage of this power and make sure your sales pitch is professional and easy to read. Here are a few key cover letter tips for candidates applying to jobs in Management.
1. Highlight accomplishments over duties. Employers are interested in your achievements as well as how and where you exceeded expectations. Rather than simply listing your duties, take this approach to convey your motivation and work ethic.
2. Leave out the word “work. ” This is a generic cover letter word that carries little, if any, weight. Try to incorporate action verbs like “collaborate,” “direct” and “exceeded. ”
3. Dates are a must. Don’t fret about age discrimination. Employers want to know the lengths of your positions and how much experience you have in each area they are evaluating. Offer this information up front rather than making someone guess.
4. Use numbers. List exact figures wherever you can. Include sales percentages, products, daily hours and the number of employees you managed.
5. Focus on transferrable skills. For all jobs in Management, make sure you know what you can bring to the table. Match your skills to each job description and explain how your expertise can benefit the specific department and the organization as a whole.