Legal Billing Clerk Cover Letter Example

Cover letters can seem like a waste of time when you’ve already crafted a strong resume, but they’re important because hiring managers often use them as the first step in deciding who to call in for an interview. Read the cover letter writing do’s and don’ts and the legal billing clerk cover letter example for a good idea of the style and content of an attention-grabbing cover letter.

  • Do expand on the information in your resume. Recruiters want to see not only duties you’ve had, but skills you learned on the job and traits that make you a strong legal billing clerk.
  • Don’t write about how the position will be great for your career. Instead, show how you will be an asset to the company, as the applicant in the example does by listing his important skills in bullet points.
  • Do think about including quotes or feedback from previous employers or coworkers to prove that you can be a strong employee and a team player.
  • Don’t use a generic salutation. Legal billing clerks are expected to be meticulous, so do some internet research to find the appropriate name, and address your letter to that person.

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