Obama: We Need More Scientists and Engineers

President Obama Image

Calling education a pillar of restoring the new economy, President Obama called for a recommitment to educating scientists and engineers, people “who are building and making things we can export to other countries.”

In a speech on the economy at Georgetown University, Obama laid out his plan for restoring American education, with a goal of having the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by 2020.

To support this goal, the Obama administration has proposed a sweeping effort to support education at every level: expanded early childhood education, investment in innovative school programs, new rewards for teachers’ performance and tax credits to make a college education more affordable.

In an aside from his prepared remarks, Obama said a change he looks forward to “is once again seeing our best and our brightest commit themselves to making things – engineers, scientists, innovators” and not simply go to Wall Street, lured by huge salaries.

Education has been a major theme of Obama’s since his presidency began, and he has called on Americans to commit to a year of higher education or career training. There’s no better time than the present. Those who have recently lost jobs in the economic crisis should consider taking the opportunity to reeducate and retrain.ADNFCR-1502-ID-19120718-ADNFCR

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