Hot Jobs: Positions in High Demand

Market trends suggest that job availability is on the rise. But while improvement is slow in some areas, other sections of the job market seem to be on fire.

Learn the types of positions employers are scrambling to fill and you'll give yourself a leg up in your job search.

Healthcare IT

As Healthcare IT systems evolve at a rapid pace, administrators and providers look for ways to accomplish three main goals:

  1. Protect the privacy of patient information 
  2. Keep healthcare networks secure 
  3. Develop new systems for electronic records management and data sharing 

In addition to these objectives, providers are also gearing up for an influx of baby boomers soon facing the healthcare problems associated with age. Healthcare IT employees will stand at the center of all of this change, playing a crucial role in network adaptation, but only if employers can find them.

If you're already heading down the IT path, consider shifting your training and experience toward healthcare-specific opportunities. And if your options are wide open, start exploring degree programs that emphasize healthcare IT skills.

App Development and Mobile Optimization

Internet users are now making a broad transition from stationary computers to mobile devices, and savvy, competitive online businesses are rushing to keep up. While both business and personal websites are becoming mobile optimized, the mobile app market is also heating up. Developers who know how to create and deploy new apps from the ground up are in strong and growing demand.

If you know how to create and launch apps, you're at an advantage. Expand your network and your development skills by joining open source communities.


Nursing shortages are affecting several geographic areas throughout the country, and the future remains uncertain for healthcare systems and providers who can't staff their RN teams fast enough. Localized nursing shortages are nothing new in the healthcare field, but the stakes increase as boomers age and the system approaches overload.

If you're interested in helping people overcome obstacles to their physical, mental and emotional health, nursing may be right for you. Nursing programs for RNs typically require a four-year investment from an accredited university, but associates degree programs are also available that can help you get into the workforce faster.

CNC Certification

Machine tooling processes for mills, lathes and other manufacturing equipment are becoming increasingly technology driven, and those who understand how to program, troubleshoot and maintain CNC systems are able to control the market and command high salaries.

CNC programmers are in such short supply that many manufacturers are now teaming up with public municipalities to provide training programs. Others are creating on-the-job training agreements that require heavy up-front investments in promising employees. Meanwhile, all over the country, vital positions that require CNC certification are standing empty.

Take Action

If you're standing at a career crossroads and any of the above options seem promising to you, head to for more information. Take advantage of resume tools, industry news and practice interview questions that can help you navigate your next big move.

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