Careers in Information Technology Help Doctors Save Lives

Photo of a health care provider using technology.

The field of information technology continually shows that its value exceeds the realm of computer processing and reaches into important strategies for managing important information. Beyond technical jargon, some fields see IT professionals as elemental aspects for success. In some industries, these computer-savvy specialists may actually save lives.

Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released a report stating that health information technology can improve health care, ensure safety and promote care continuity for Americans living in rural communities.

One hospital, the Columbia Basin Health Association reported that after implementing an electronic health record system, managed by those with careers in IT, the facility was able to administer foot and eye exams to more than twice the amount of patients as in previous years. Since implementing the new information technology, the hospital has ranked above the 95th percentile in total medical productivity.

Secretary Sebelius commented on the value of IT professionals saying, “Health information technology can reduce paperwork, make care more efficient and let doctors spend more time practicing medicine and less time filling out forms.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics determined that the computer scientists and database administrators field is expected to grow by 37% until 2016, which is about 28 percent more growth than the average occupation over the same time period.

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