Health Care Chosen as Best Career Option for Women in 2013

health care

As a new report finds that over 80% of workers in the U.S. plan on looking for another job within the next year, one career expert says health care will be the best industry for women to work in 2013.

According to data gathered by Dr. Laurence Shatkin, author of “Best Jobs for the 21st Century,” health care offers the best security, satisfaction and financial gain when compared to most other occupations, Forbes reports.

Shatkin said female professionals who have a career in health care, which includes roles for registered nurses, dieticians and pharmacists, as well as non-practicing medical scientists and psychologists report they are happy with their chosen field. Many of these workers also said they will be less likely to change jobs in the future.  Women also based their career happiness on the opportunity to used their skills and abilities to their fullest potential.

And while the number of women who have pursued an education in health care has grown over the last 50 years – growing from 6% to 49% since 1963 – they still face a number of challenges including leadership and wage gaps across all sectors of the industry. The American Association of University Women (AAUW) reports that women working full-time earn only 82% on average of what their male counterparts did just one year out of college.

Although women cannot avoid the pay gap completely, they can make choices that enhance their earning potential, AAUW researchers Christianne Corbett and Catherine Hill, wrote in a 2009 groundbreaking report. “A critical first step is paying attention to the salaries associated with college majors and occupations and understanding the long-term financial implications of those decisions.”

The AAUW report noted that some of the best-paying degrees for women to add to their resumes included pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences and administration.

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