Entrepreneur Magazine Names 10 Best Emerging Markets for 2012

Best Emerging Business Sectors Image

Despite years of experience and a specialized degree on a resume, business entrepreneurs looking to launch a new venture may need to expand their opportunities in order to succeed in today's tight market. Now, Entrepreneur magazine has revealed its picks for the 10 best emerging business sectors for 2012.

Industries that are poised for growth during next year include collaborative commerce, true mobility, urban farming, extreme fitness, gamification and customization.

Amy Cosper, vice president and editor of Enterpreneur, said the upcoming trends are a useful guide for those looking to start their own company or revitalize existing an business.

It's time for business owners to step back, refocus and take a look at their companies with a fresh perspective, Cosper stated. "The top trends are indicators of business strength and areas of opportunity. Examining how they are working for others today can influence how other entrepreneurs can adapt and enhance their companies for the future."

According to the Kaufmann Foundation, there's been a recent uptick in entrepreneurship, with a record 565,000 new businesses created in the U.S. last year.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that approximately 2.5 million jobs were created by new business ventures in 2010.

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