Salaries for Education Jobs Rise with Degree

Photo of a teacher at the head of the class.

A look at recent data finds that teachers who want to earn more money may need to add an advanced degree to their resume.

According to Forbes, which gathered the information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), most of the higher-paying education positions are for postsecondary teaching jobs, which require a master’s or doctorate degree. The data found that the lower-paying jobs tend to be in areas of education and teaching that involve young children or jobs outside of the traditional classroom.

Beverly Hardcastle Stanford, Azusa Pacific University professor emeritus and co-author of “Becoming a Teacher,” told the news agency that while students should always look at salary when considering a career field, many educators are able to supplement their income during the summer months.

It’s also a versatile career, Stanford added. “You gain so much knowledge and so many skills that you don’t have to stay in one position for your entire career. You can also use the acquired skills and knowledge to do other work to supplement your income, like writing or tutoring].

The BLS reports that employment opportunities for postsecondary teachers are expected to grow by 17% through the end of the decade. 

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