Google Looks to Hire From the Humanities

Google Hires Humanities Grads Image

Executives from the internet search engine giant Google say they are looking to hire the company’s next wave of employees from what might be an unlikely source – the arts.

Speaking at a conference at Stanford University in California recently, Google director of engineering Damon Horowitz said that the company wants people who have a doctorate of humanities on their resume because they offer valuable, transferable skills, according to the Times Higher Education.You go into the humanities to pursue your intellectual passion; and it just so happens, as a by-product, that you emerge as a desired commodity for industry. Such is the halo of human flourishing, Horowitz told the crowd.Horowitz added that a humanities degree can open the door to career advancement across many sectors. The company said that of the approximately 6,000 workers it expects to hire this year for technical and programming jobs, up to 5,000 of the new employees will likely have a liberal arts of humanities degree.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, liberal arts training is good career preparation and provides a solid background to work in many fields.

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