3 Ways to Prepare for Your First Day on the Job

3 Ways to Prepare for Your First Day on the Job

Once you get comfortable at ajob, it can be difficult to switch. The first day at a new workplace can be scary and can make you feel like the new kid in town. While it will likely take time to adjust to your new surroundings, responsibilities, and co-workers, there are a few steps that will help you prepare for your first day as well as make a good impression.

1. Day One on the Job: Punctuality & Honesty Are Important

If you went tocollege to help you get the perfect job, you probably made an effort to be on time for class. You should put even more effort into your new job. Being on time or even early will set you up for a great start. It will let your boss know that you’re a reliable employee and let co-workers know they can rely on you to relieve them from their shifts. In addition to being on time, always make sure you’re honest with your boss as well as co-workers. Everyone makes mistakes; although that’s the last thing you want to do on your first day, it’s best not to make excuses for yourself. Never place the blame on others, and always apologize and let your supervisor know that you will not let it happen again.

2. Get to Know Your Co-Workers

While you may not plan to hang out with your co-workers outside of the office, it’s important to get along with them. If you expect others to be courteous to you, do the same for them. This means no loud music or taking personal calls while the people around you are trying to work. Also, if you use the last of something—such as printer paper or sugar in the break area—be sure to replace it. Gossip can be tempting in any atmosphere, but try to distance yourself from any and all naysaying. You should be on your best behavior at all times because your boss will not only judge your work skills, but also your attitude and personality. Keep social media in mind as well. If you don’t want your supervisor to know something—such as what you did over the weekend—don’t post it on Facebook or Twitter.

3. Show Your Full Potential

When you received the call saying you got the job, theskills on your resumeprobably played a big part in your boss’s decision to hire you. Don’t just let those skills look pretty on paper; show your boss that you can bring something special to the company. Even on your first day, you can make extra effort to be a leader. If you’re in a meeting and your supervisor is discussing ways to improve aspects of the company and you have an idea, speak up. After giving your idea, go on to discuss a plan of action. Change isn’t always easy, but it can sometimes be for the best, especially when starting a new job. Having a game plan and being ready for your first day is important, and once you fall into a pattern, it will get easier as time passes. Don’t forget to be friendly and polite. After all, you’ll be spending more time with your co-workers than you will your friends and family. Making positive relationships will make it easier to settle in to your new atmosphere.


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