How to Get Along with Co-Workers

How to Get Along with Co-Workers

Everyone wants to be productive at work. But sometimes, the only thing standing in your way of productivity is the people who are supposed to be helping you out: your co-workers.


You don’t want every encounter with your co-workers to become a human resources incident, but you do need to find a way to develop a productive working relationship with the people on your team. Here are eight tips that will help you foster strong relationships with your co-workers.

1. Avoid Too Much Personal Information

One of the topics that canstrain professional relationshipsis your personal life. Over time, you may develop a friendship with some of your co-workers that allows you to confide in them about your personal issues. But if you want to create a comfortable work place, then the best approach is to avoid talking about your personal life to the people you work with.

2. Be a Good Listener

The stress at work can build up and people often just need a way to vent. That’s where you can step in and become an attentive co-worker. By allowing your teammates to say what’s on their minds, you can make them feel comfortable with you and establish a good working rapport.

3. Keep Your Hands to Yourself

As a general rule, most people get uncomfortable when they’re touched by someone that they don’t consider a personal friend. You definitely want to avoid the reputation for being the “touchy” person at work, because that can tend to alienate you from the rest of your co-workers.

4. Always Be Positive

Sometimes the techniques that work well with customers also work with co-workers. Even if you really don’t feel happy, you can make your co-workers feel more at ease when you approach each day with a smile on your face. If you smile a lot, then the people you work with will tend to give you a break on those days when you just cannot muster a smile.

5. Be Good at What You Do

Your interactions with other people in your office become much smoother when you have a reputation for being good at your job. When people know that they can rely on you to get things done and make them look good, then they tend to value your presence in the office.

6. Avoid Office Drama

Every work place has drama, but that doesn’t mean youhave to be part of it. The moment you choose sides in any kind of office incident is the moment you lose your ability to get along with some portion of the people you work with. Stay out of office drama and run far away from office gossip as well.

7. Worry Only About Your Job

When you look across the hall and see one of your co-workers talking away on a personal phone call, just remember that it really doesn’t concern you. If your productivity is being affected by the way someone else executes their duties, then you may have to speak up. But it’s always a good idea to worry about your job and let management worry about what everyone else is doing.

8. Be Dependable

This is different than being good at your job because this deals with being on time in the morning and not taking breaks that are longer than allowed. If co-workers see you bending the rules, then that will create resentment. If you want to get along with your co-workers, then show up on time and keep to your scheduled breaks.

A Happy Office Is a Productive Office

You should do what you can to make sure that you create a comfortable and productive work place. If you feel like strained relationships with co-workers are forcing you to move on in your career, then turn toLiveCareer’s award-winning Resume Builderto help youfind a jobthat’s right for you.



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