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    Launch Your Graduate School Journey With the Confidence to Succeed!

    Find all new expert articles and tools for college grads searching for ideal graduate programs for best graduate school admissions resources... nuggets of advice concise and written especially for students in search for grad school success. Grad School Journey Tools

    We'll be adding to this list of tools regularly so keep coming back for more expert advice!

    We also still have a very fine collection of graduate program and grad school links to the tools you need -- articles tutorials tips tests -- to help you with your grad school choices -- from finding ideal grad program to gaining admission to grad school. Go to: My Grad School Journey: Resource Collection

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    5 Career Tips You NEED to Hear

    5 Career Tips You NEED to Hear

    While the following tips aren't your run-of-the-mill pieces of career advice, they'll help you launch a successful, lucrative career.
    3 Things You Need to Know About Today's Job Market

    3 Things You Need to Know About Today's Job Market

    Even something as apparently cut-and-dried as the rate of unemployed people is more complicated than it seems. Here are three important facts you should know about today's job market.
    Career Tips for Students

    Career Tips for Students

    If you're a college student nearing graduation, you likely have one thing on your mind: getting a job.
    5 Ways to Succeed in Any Job

    5 Ways to Succeed in Any Job

    In some industries, you need very specific skill sets to be successful. For example, a chef needs to be able to chop vegetables.
    5 Ways to Get the Job You Want

    5 Ways to Get the Job You Want

    In today's tough economy, you may wonder how you can get any job at all. The truth is: if the job you want exists, there's a way to land it.
    How to Choose the Right Career for Your Personality

    How to Choose the Right Career for Your Personality

    It's much easier to achieve career goals when your job feels like a natural extension of who you are.
    How to Write a Resume that Transforms Your Job Search

    How to Write a Resume that Transforms Your Job Search

    If your resume is outdated, lackluster, hard to read, or just doesn't fully communicate your strengths and talents, you can easily stay on the job market for months on end.

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    LiveCareer shares eight easy clues that you might be applying to the wrong job.

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    Salary Negotiations

    Salary Negotiations

    Sometime within the next few days, you'll be sitting down at a table and engaging in a negotiation...More

    Career Tests

    America's #1 Free Career Test!

    Know Yourself, Know Your Right Career.

    Pathway to Reqarding Career

    Ready to discover your true career passion?

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    5 Tips to Career Change Success

    Expert advice 5 tips to career change success

    Unless you already started life with a substantial nest egg or you’re related to Bill Gates...More

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