Top Reasons People Decide to Change/Switch Careers

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  • Top Reasons People Decide to Change/Switch Careers

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    by Quintessential Careers

    Why People Choose to Make a Career-Change

    Making a career change -- both the decision to take such a big step as well as the process for finding a new career -- is a very important life choice but also one done successfully by workers every day.

    Why do people decide to change careers? This article flushes out the top reason people choose to make a career-change switch careers.

    Top Reasons People Decide to Change/Switch Careers

    Career-Change Reason #1: Wrong Career From the Start

    Many people get pushed -- or simply fall -- into a career path. In some cases a parent or family member convinces a child into a career -- or the child simply wants to be like the parent. In other cases out of economic necessity or other forces a person falls into a career to earn a living.

    In all these cases the person soon realizes that the work is not fulfilling -- and that the career is just not the one for him/her -- and begins process of finding a new career.

    Career-Change Reason #2: Career Interests/Passion Evolves/Work Becomes Boring

    Many people start in a career they like/love but somewhere along the line -- as they mature and evolve as adults -- they realize that the work they do no longer interests them much and they seek new career challenges.

    In these cases it is sometimes an outside interest -- from volunteering or a hobby -- that make the person realize that his/her passion lies outside the current career.

    Career-Change Reason #3: Career Burnout

    One of the most dangerous conditions -- and the most important reason for switching careers -- is career burnout in which people have to drag themselves to work every day... living for the weekends. Note: career burnout is different than simply hating your job or your boss.

    In these cases the strain can become too much affecting mental and physical health and well-being. In these cases career-change is a mandate not an option.

    Career-Change Reason #4: Changes in Technology Force Move

    Entire career fields disappear or morph into something new as technology changes/advances often forcing workers to make the decision to consider changing careers.

    In these cases when technology forces you to consider changing careers it's important to decide whether you want to move with the technology or make a change in a new direction.

    Career-Change Reason #5: Changes in Personal Situation Propel Switch

    Some people change careers because of a major event in their personal lives -- such as getting married or having a child -- when some workers seek additional income job security less travel.

    In these cases it is still important -- regardless of the personal situation -- to change careers into a field for which you have an interest passion... and not just for financial reasons.

    Final Thoughts on Reasons for Career-Change

    Finally some people change careers because they want to do something meaningful with their lives and careers -- and their current careers do not offer this opportunity. Other people change careers to move from working for someone else to working for themselves as an entrepreneur.

    Whatever your reasons for contemplating a change of careers please do so carefully and with much self-assessment and planning before you make the switch.

    Key Career-Change Resources

    Find lots more tips and expert advice for just about every aspect of changing careers. The link will open a new browser window: Quintessential Careers Career-Change Resources: I am a Career-Changer. Founder Dr. Randall Hansen This article was written exclusively for by Dr. Randall S. Hansen. Dr. Hansen is founder and publisher of Quintessential Careers one of the oldest and most comprehensive career development sites on the Web. He is also CEO of a collection of empowering Website designed to help empower people to live better lives... and includes sites such as and Dr. Hansen is also a published author with several books chapters in books and hundreds of articles. He's often quoted in the media and conducts empowering workshops around the country. Visit his personal Website for more information. Check out Dr. Hansen on GooglePlus.

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