More College Students In Need of Counseling

Photo of a group of college students hanging out on campus.

After taking an aptitude test, an individual may discover that they have a talent for counseling. Psychology jobs are predicted to increase by 12% over the next 8 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The growth may help individuals find new counseling jobs in the industry, specifically in helping young adults.

The number of college students in dire need of counseling is rising, according to the New York Times. Medical experts believe that depression among young adults is fueled by psychotropic drugs, which are administered to treat conditions, such as bipolar disorder. More college students are also likely to release their stress through self-harm, as opposed to seeking counseling.

It’s so different from how people might stereotype the concept of college counseling, or back in the ’70s students coming in with existential crises: who am I? Dr. Jenny Hwang told the news source. “Now they’re bringing in life stories involving extensive trauma, a history of serious mental illness, eating disorders, self-injury, alcohol and other drug use.”

A recent study conducted by the American College Counseling Association discovered that 44% of students in counseling suffer from severe psychological disorders. This number will continue to increase the demand for psychologists.

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