Job Outlook: 'Middle Skill' workers in demand

Middle Skill Worker Image

By 2016, so-called "middle skill" jobs will have comprised 46% of all job openings in the preceding decade, a report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates.

Supplemental state-specific reports demonstrate that in many areas, these positions already represent the largest portion of available jobs. However, in areas like Michigan only 46% of workers in the state are qualified for the openings, Livingston Daily reports.

According to the report, middle skill jobs are positions that require more education than a high school diploma, but do not need a Bachelor's degree. These positions include careers as carpenters, auto mechanics, truck drivers, electricians, dental hygienists and other jobs requiring a license or short degree program.

Over the same timeframe, the report suggests low- and high-skilled jobs will account for 24% and 30%, respectively, of job demand.

According to Andrea Ray, regional director for The Workforce Alliance, "It's a good time to make sure workers have the training they need for those jobs so when these industries come online and really demonstrate a need, we have workers that are ready to go and fill these positions."

The Obama administration is expected to provide an initial report regarding the success of federal stimulus funding at the end of October. However, experts say the most projected job openings will stem from marketplace demand.

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