Teachers Lead By Example

Photo of a teacher leading by example.

In addition to instructing students in academic subjects such as science and math, teachers are role models whose examples are often followed by their pupils.

Middle school teacher Karen O'Donnell told the Asbury Park Press that prospective teachers should be aware that young people will be looking to them to learn about morals, values and goals, as well as the traditional subjects.

She explained that her inspiration for teaching comes from the knowledge that she has a potential to make a difference in children's lives.

I just feel lucky that I get to do something that I love to do, so I don't see it as a job, Ms O'Donnell added.

In addition to dedication and the ability to motivate others, teachers should be organized, dependable, patient and able to respond to the needs of individual students.

Prospective middle school teachers should pursue a bachelor's or master's degree in education. Since educators at this level often specialize in a particular area, they should have a solid grounding in that topic.

There are around 674,000 middle school teachers in the US, according to the Department of Labor. The most recent data from the department reveals that the median earnings of kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school teachers range from $43,580 to $48,690 - though these figures may vary based on location, experience and school.

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