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As technology becomes more integrated into our everyday lives, many workers may find their jobs being phased out. For professionals trying to transition into a new career, it may be best to gear a resume away from a few positions now considered “old-school.”

Financial Edge recently listed “9 careers on the Way Out” – the ones to stay away from because they are endanger of extinction as more people become computer savvy.

The publication found that many while many of the jobs on the list do not require a postsecondary education, including toll booth operator and mail carrier, there are a few surprises for people pursuing careers in finance and publishing.

The news provider listed stock broker as one of the professions in danger, but not because of the recent financial meltdown and economic downturn, but because more people are using the internet to make their own investments online. The publication also found a number of banking positions are being threatened by digital automation.

Book binding, publishing and printing also made the list as the industry becomes paperless and more readers use high-tech devices to download their reading materials.

Bottom line, the publication said, is that advances in technology can create new jobs, potential candidates should just be aware of which ones will last. 

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