Counseling Careers Can Be Recession Proof

Photo of a distraught woman calling a help line.

A counseling career can be considered recession-proof in some ways, since demand for these professionals tends to increase during times of economic difficulty. 

This week, Seattle’s KING 5 news reported that area officials are urging those who have recently lost jobs or are fearing layoffs to seek help if they feel they need it. The city is home to some of the nation’s most successful companies, several of which have announced significant layoffs in recent days. 

Losing a job is one of the tops three stressors in a human being’s life, so it’s very traumatic. It’s a loss akin to losing loved one, career and executive coach Maureen Moriarty told the TV station. She went on to say that a job loss involves more than just lost income, since factors like one’s identity and sense of security are also often involved. 

The current economy has seen growing interest in two areas of counseling – vocational counselors who help non-students plan career moves, and mental health counselors, who help people cope with loss, depression and other issues. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted healthy growth in all areas of counseling between now and 2016, with an especially strong 30 percent jump envisioned in demand for mental health counselors.

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