Health Care Administrators Increasingly In Demand

Photo of a computer monitor displaying patient health care information.Reports of a new health care technology company in the Midwest offer a preview of some of the healthcare careers that will be available in the coming years. 

An Associated Press report this week noted that Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota was teaming up with its Nebraska counterpart to create the new company, CoreLink Administrative Solutions, which already has employees in Fargo and Omaha. 

The company currently has about 100 employees and is expecting to hire 100 more in 2009, with an eye on lowering healthcare costs and providing more efficient services. 

Many career reports focus on the need for nurses and other healthcare professionals who deal directly with patients. However, administrative positions in the healthcare industry are also projected to see more demand in the coming years. 

For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that demands for health information and medical records specialists will grow by 18 percent through 2016, which is faster than average. The agency also cites a likely increase in demand for people who work as cancer registrars. 

The BLS notes that about 40 percent of these jobs are in hospitals, while the rest range from physicians' offices to home health care facilities.

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