California Lawsuit Seeks to Eliminate Legal Protections for Teachers

Photo of a math teacher with an apple.

A lawsuit by a Bay Area nonprofit group in California is taking aim at legal protections put in place to help support professionals with many years of teaching experience on their resumes.

The suit, which has been filed on behalf of 8 public school students by the newly formed Students Matter, targets a handful of California laws in the state’s educational system, including teacher tenure rules and seniority protection.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the suit claims that teachers can tenure too quickly, and seeks to eliminate the practice of laying off educators with less teaching experience on their resumes in the event of a budget crisis, rather than protecting the state’s best teachers.

Joshua Pechthalt told the news agency that the lawsuit is misguided at best.

We should be fighting like crazy to make sure schools are not laying off any teachers, except those who shouldn’t be in front of a classroom, Pechthalt noted. He added that ineffective teachers can be dealt with under current laws if school systems have sufficient resources and use them properly.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment opportunities for high school teachers is expected to increase by 7% through the end of the decade. 

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