Obama Job-o-rama

It’s time to dust off your resume. President Barack Obama wants to create millions of jobs with his economic stimulus plan. How can you take advantage of the Obama Job-o-rama?

Here’s a look at the industries and jobs that should thrive under his plan along with median annual salaries provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS):

Green Collar Jobs

Obama wants to double renewable energy production and make buildings more energy efficient. Experts say job-seekers should make green their color of choice with jobs such as:

Air Quality Specialist: $58,380Climate Change Director: $78,390Conservationist: $33,520

In fact, many jobs—even if they’re not traditionally “green”—will be in high demand, including:

Construction Workers: $55,950 Electrical Engineers: $79,240 Mechanical Engineers: $72,300 Sales Representatives: $68,270


Experts predict the current economic crisis could actually be a boon for certain jobs in finance as Obama seeks tighter market oversight. Jobs that could experience growth include:

Accountants and Auditors: $57,060 Information Systems Managers: $108,070 Tax/Revenue Agents: $46,920


Obama wants to see big improvements in the nation’s transportation infrastructure. The following jobs could scoop up the rewards:

Civil Drafters: $43,310 Civil Engineers: $71,710 Construction Managers: $76,230 Surveyors: $51,630

Medical and Biotech

The Obama administration plans to invest billions of dollars in modernizing the nation’s health care system. Obama has already loosened the reins on stem cell research, which could spark unprecedented growth in biotechnology jobs, such as:

Laboratory Technicians: $34,270Medical Research Scientists: $64,200Registered Nurses: $60,010

A top priority will also be transferring antiquated paper medical records to electronic files. Jobs that stand to gain include:

Database Administrators: $67,250Medical Transcriptionists: $31,250 Software Developers: $89,070

Be Flexible

A lot of people are resistant to change, but that’s not the way to be right now, says LaVan. “One key is to get more training so you’ll be ready for what comes next.”

She urges people to come up with creative solutions to their unemployment by broadening their horizons and considering different types of job opportunities. For instance, support personnel can easily make the transition to a growing industry. And executives can take their managerial skills to any up and coming sector.

Do What You Love

To make the most of the upcoming Obama job-a-rama, the key is to identify your own interests and strengths and find ways to apply these to growing industries.

Gregory Christainsen, professor of economics at California State University, East Bay is a big believer in doing what you love for a living.”Follow your passion,” he says. “Having passion makes it likely you’ll succeed in whatever you do. And you get to enjoy the journey, too.”

To find out if any of these jobs are right for you, take a career interest test to help you discover your own passion.

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