Career Opportunities on the Rise for 2012 College Graduates

2012 Career Opportunities Image

There’s good news for students who will add a postsecondary degree to their resumes this spring – the job market is on the upswing.

A recent survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that businesses expect to hire 9.5% more college graduates this year compared to last year, with the strongest demand expected for computer science, business and engineering majors.

In addition, a recent report by the Collegiate Employment Research Institute of Michigan at Michigan State University also is predicting an increase in the hiring of new college graduates.

Employers are now more optimistic about the college labor market than at any time since 2007, the report stated. According to research institute, salaries of recent college graduates average about $36,000 a year, varying by industry and major.

Linda Ross, director of career planning and internships at Whittier College, told the Los Angeles Times that even if their first job position is not ideal, college graduates should make sure it will help them add relevant skills to their resume that will help them in their field.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, professionals with a postsecondary degree can earn $1,000 more per week than those with some or no college education.

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