Experts: How to Get Noticed by Hiring Employers

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In today’s competitive market, some employers sort through a stack of cover letters and resumes, only affording each one a short glimpse, before deciding which candidates to bring in for an interview. When applying for jobs, applicants must remember that regardless of the skills and experience they have in reality, they must first make certain that they make themselves stand out.

Some applicants have begun using unique methods, such as sending employers a cake as a business card, in order to catch some attention, CNNLiving reports. In some cases, novel approaches to resumes and interviews are effective, while others can be inappropriate.

Vani Colombo, HR director for VIPdesk, a customer and concierge service, told the news source, “I personally like those candidates that think outside of the box. As an HR professional, nothing makes me happier than knowing a candidate for a marketing position has, for example, created a brochure that is actually his or her résumé. 

Other employers recount how trying to stand out by sending gifts and pastries or performing exaggerated antics can actually place applicants in an undesirable light.

A marketing manager for IQ Partners advised job applicants to keep all information provided to employers, including techniques to stand out, relevant to the desired position and industry.

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