Reasons to Start a Career in Hospitality

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A career in hospitality can offer lessons, opportunities, and valuable social contacts that can support your lifelong ambitions whether you remain in this field or eventually choose another path. Though the hospitality industry can be challenging, those with the will and the flexibility to overcome obstacles usually find this a very rewarding career choice. Do you think you might be the kind of employee who can thrive in this business or that you can use your hospitality experience later on as a springboard into the alternate career of your dreams? If you aren’t sure, consider these five reasons why a career in hospitality might be a smart move.

Why Choose a Career In Hospitality?

The following five sections lay out the best reasons to get your career started in hospitality:

1. Because every day is different.

If the life of a cubicle robot isn’t the life for you and you’d prefer to wake up each morning with no idea what the day might bring, then you’ll probably thrive in the world of hospitality. Almost every position in this field requires wearing multiple hats for multiple occasions. At nine in the morning you may be soothing an angry customer with a booking problem, at ten you may be helping to plan a wedding, and at two you may be dealing with a plumbing emergency. Who knows what might happen before the sun goes down?

2. Because the sky is the limit.

Smaller establishments and entry-level positions in this field tend to come with lower salaries, but if you demonstrate the initiative and work ethic that impress your employers, there’s no telling how far a hospitality career can take you. Upper management salaries at larger establishments can extend well into the six figures, with responsibility levels to match.

3. Because you love people.

Are you extroverted and enthusiastic about social contact? Hospitality is a field based on travel, and the people you meet in this business will come your way from all over the world. Every new face offers a new connection, a new story, and a new opportunity to learn something. If you’re a great talker, you’ll love this job. And if you’re also a great listener, this business can take you almost anywhere you’d like to go.

4. Because you’d like to own your own business eventually.

Do you dream of one day opening your own cozy bed and breakfast in the mountains? Do you see yourself running a large hotel in a glamorous city? Would you like to open a restaurant, start a catering business, or launch your own event planning business? A job in hospitality can start you down the right path and help you get the knowledge and experience you need.

5. Because you aren’t afraid of growth or change.

Hospitality is a business that comes with a degree of uncertainty, since success depends on a host of shifting factors like consumer preferences, local attractions, and travel patterns. But if this doesn’t faze you and you’re ready to adapt when you need to and follow your destiny wherever it leads, then this is the field for you.

Launch Your Hospitality Career Today

Learn more about the hospitality field by visiting LiveCareer and exploring our career descriptions, job leads, and salary information. If you like what you find, our resume tools and interview tips can help you impress employers and get your job search off on the right foot.

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