Best Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

On-the-job traveling may not be as luxurious as you think. Just ask any business executive whose life revolves around airline schedules–and for whom jet lag is a constant state of being. But if traveling is your passion, there are many jobs that will allow you to combine work and pleasure.

Traveling for work is not just for pilots and flight attendants. Here are 10 high-paying jobs with travel perks. Median annual salary information is provided by LiveCareer’s Free Salary Calculator:

1. Overseas English Teacher (median annual salary: $67,723)
Because English is the world’s language of business communication, native English speakers can go just about anywhere to teach English through a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) program.Compensation varies greatly between countries (depending on the cost of living and other factors), but in larger cities you could earn as much as or more than a teacher in the U.S.

2. Yoga Instructor (median annual salary: $46,722)
World yoga tours are currently all the rage, allowing yoga gurus the opportunity to unroll their mats in exotic destinations such as Thailand, Indonesia, Sweden, and Argentina. Join one of the many yoga tour agencies for a chance to stretch yourself in must-see locations throughout the world.

3. Sommelier (median annual salary: $34,801)
Professional sommeliers may work in restaurants, resorts, or casinos, or on cruise ships. They often travel the world tasting different wines, writing reviews, and serving as representatives at wine-industry events and tastings.

4. Travel Nurse (median annual salary: $61,324) 
Travel nursing gives registered nurses the opportunity to take short-term positions lasting from three months to one year in prestigious medical facilities all over the country. These traveling positions allow flexibility and give RNs a chance to check out new locations.

5. Auditor (median annual salary: $68,846) 
People who say that accounting is a boring job may be unaware of the travel perks. Auditors employed at public accounting firms, foreign-owned businesses, and government agencies with multiple branches spend more than 50 percent of their time traveling. They enjoy the excitement of a changing work environment and get to experience interesting cultures in different cities all over the world.

6. Nanny (median annual salary: $30,477)
Traveling with the right family can be an excellent way to explore the world. Nanny positions often don’t require an extensive background in childcare. In addition to your salary and room and board, travel expenses are usually covered as well.

7. Travel Writer (median annual salary: $46,297) 
If you’re a writer who loves to travel, working as a freelance travel writer is an obvious career choice. Break into this industry by submitting pieces to small regional magazines or newspapers. Establish your reputation by entering travel-writing contests or starting your own blog.

8. Cruise Ship Director (median annual salary: $40,995) 
Plan and manage onboard guest entertainment and activities while sailing the open seas. In 2009, cruises outscored all types of vacations in terms of consumer attraction. As cruises become more popular, cruise ship director jobs are growing.

9. Oil Rig Driller (median annual salary: $50,178) 
Drills usually have to be maintained seven days a week in a wide variety of locations. So drillers travel frequently, with all accommodations and meals paid for. And drillers enjoy the luxury of a two-week-on, three-week-off schedule.

10. International Lawyer (median annual salary: $118,477) 
As financial transactions and business acquisitions are no longer restricted to a single country, the demand for international lawyers has increased. International lawyers travel to some of the largest and most exciting cities in the world such as New York, London, and Tokyo.

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