10 Great Jobs for Football Fans

Not everyone can be a quarterback in the NFL. But, if football is your passion, you can experience the excitement of the game all week long, not just on Sundays!

Check out these 10 fabulous football-related careers and jobs for football fans. Median salary information is provided by LiveCareer Free Salary Report. But keep in mind that NFL salaries for these jobs are usually much higher.

Sports agent – $73,594
Negotiate player contracts and find endorsements. This is a great job for outgoing folks who excel at networking and like to broker deals. But it’s a competitive gig. In the NFL, there are 1000 certified agents. Of these, only 100 agents represent approximately 90 percent of all NFL players.

Athletic trainer – $46,301 
Help prevent and treat sports injuries. Duties include everything from taping ankles to physical therapy. Seventy percent of athletic trainers hold a master’s or doctorate degree.

Sports attorney – $98,799
Provide legal advice for contract negotiations, arbitration, and other sports-related legal issues. Sometimes sports attorneys will double as agents. Counsel can play both sides of the fence, working for a player or management. If you’re interested in a legal career, check out our Criminal Justice and Legal resource center.

General manager – $86,560
Shape a sports franchise. Work with scouts and other execs to draft players and evaluate talent. Also trade and sign free agents. It’s an executive position, but some general managers started as ball boys or interns and worked their way up.

Facilities/stadium manager – $88,791
Ensure stadiums and other athletic facilities are safe and operational for players and fans. That means supervising everything from the turf to toilets and stadium infrastructure.

Game official – $43,859
As an NFL document describes, being a game ref “requires a keen eye, fast reflexes, stamina, self-control, and knowledge of rules and ability to make quick and correct decisions.” NFL game officials have “day jobs,” and are not employed full time by the NFL.

Sports psychologist – $94,471
Help athletes achieve their best performances through motivation and improved self-perception. Sports psychologists often try to instill a mental toughness in players to give them the competitive advantage it takes to win. If you’re interested in a career in psychology, check out our Counseling and Psychology resource center.

Sports nutritionist – $54,368
Create nutritional plans to optimize athletes’ metabolism and to help them achieve their best athletic performance. Sports nutritionists need to know the skinny on every aspect of nutrition.

Sports writer – $38,914
Write about athletes and games for websites, newspapers, and magazines. You will probably have to start small, covering local sporting events. But work your way up and you are guaranteed some of the best seats in the house at game time.

Official statistician – $71,396
Provide broadcasters and sports writers with game-time information. Statisticians not only collect and validate data; they also get to identify interesting statistical tidbits with which to tantalize sports fans.

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