IT Professionals Offered Tips On Alternative Career Moves

Photo of an IT professional viewing a computer screen.

IT professionals may have more diverse career skills than they suspect, according to a recent book.

This Week, reported on a book by former IT executive Janice Weinberg called Debugging Your Information Technology Career. According to the website, the book offers IT professionals 20 different options they can pursue with their backgrounds, including healthcare administrators, insurance underwriters and stock analysts. 

The book is aimed at IT professionals who are concerned about their job security in the recession, or who are simply looking for a change. The report noted that Weinberg got the idea for her book earlier this decade, when many IT professionals were losing their jobs to overseas outsourcing schemes. 

I looked at these dramatic changes and I could not understand why I’m not reading about the ways that people who have invested a lot of time, energy and money in the computer-related disciplines wouldn’t try to leverage their knowledge… and succeed in alternative fields, Weinberg told the publication. 

For those who do choose to pursue IT careers, they will find demand for their skills growing faster than average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The agency notes that those with computer security training will be especially in demand, while managers will also be needed to oversee the transition many companies will make to increasingly sophisticated software and other technologies. 

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