7 Great Jobs for Pet Lovers

With 62 percent of US households owning a pet (according to a recent National Pet Owners Survey), now is an excellent time to find a career that matches your passion for animals. Jobs for animal enthusiasts consist of more than just zookeeper or veterinarian. Here are 7 lesser known great jobs for pet lovers:

1. Guide horse trainer – Miniature horses are starting to become popular companions for the blind. They respond to 23 voice commands, and do everything a guide dog can do – and they live a lot longer. Guide horse trainers follow special methods recommended by the Guide Horse Foundation.

2. Pet massage therapist — Animal massage is a fast-growing niche. Pet massage therapists help pets – dogs usually – the same way traditional massage therapists help people. Massage can relax a pet, help ease tension and pain, increase circulation and flexibility and help develop and maintain muscle tone.

3. Movie animal trainer – Training animals to perform for movies and TV is more than just getting them to do tricks. Besides working with pets to get the kind of behavior needed on a set, you’ll help them cope with lots of people, lights and noise. While the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) reports the salary of an animal trainer as ranging from $16,500 to $48,300 annually, salaries for performing animal trainers can climb much higher.

4. Pet-safety instructor – CPR and first-aid don’t just benefit humans. They can also save the lives of cats and dogs. Pet-safety instructors teach pet owners and pet-care workers about evaluating an animal who needs help and knowing what to do in emergency situations. According to some reports, preventable accidents are the leading cause of death and disability among pre-senior dogs and cats. First aid training can help.

5. Doggy day care provider – Working in or owning a doggy day care facility can be very rewarding for dog lovers. You get to play with dogs, watch them play with each other, feed them, and take them on occasional walks – or even swims. Take a free entrepreneur test to find out if you could open your own doggy day care facility.

6. Pet writer. Some people make a decent living writing about cats, dogs, and other pets. With books, websites, and magazines focusing on pets as never before, this specialty is a strong option for pet lovers who can write about their favorite critters, from hedgehogs to budgerigars!

7. Animal communicator/pet psychic. Step aside, Doctor Doolittle. More people claim to be communicating telepathically with animals than ever before. Pet psychics say they can read the minds of pets, letting animals tell them about everything from pains they may have to their likes and dislikes to what makes them happy.

If you’re interested in pursuing an animal care profession – full- or part-time, to supplement your income – a new career, full of animal love, could be yours.

Need help discovering your career passion? A free career test can help you identify your interests and jobs to match.

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