How to Smoothly Change Careers

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Many people have taken the economic downturn as a way to explore new career opportunities or go back to school and learn more about different industries. However, the change can be a little rough for some.

Kimbery Bishop, the founder of a career management firm, told MonteNews that before changing a career, people should set time aside and really zone in on what they are looking to achieve at their next job. They should set goals and write down what they liked and didn’t like about their current job.

It is also important to research a new career path, according to the news source. Spend time looking through career websites learning more about what the job will entail. During this time, job seekers will find out if their current skill set is transferable or if going to a certification program is needed.

Many job seekers will have skills that are transferable, like many basic computer, communications and sales skills. However, the more intricate skill set, which is tailored for specific jobs, is something that they may have to acquire.

Being able to perform research and objectively assess the required skills is something that is extremely important, as the unemployment rate hovers at around 9.6%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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