Career Changes Become Common

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The decision to change careers can refresh an individual’s interest in his or her work. For many, a career change can represent an expression of freedom from one’s current position or an opportunity to find greater job security by developing other skills. For others, changing jobs may allow one to pursue more genuine interests. Regardless, careers in a variety of fields are attainable at any age.

A recent poll conducted by Monster showed that 89 percent of job seekers would consider changing their industry in the course of a search for new employment. Of this group, 49 percent are actively seeking a career change. Some job applicants are less concerned with an industry of interest than ensuring that they secure a change of employment; 22 percent of survey respondents said they would accept the first job they are offered, regardless of the industry.

The trend toward career changes is so pervasive that only 14 percent of U.S. workers responded to the poll saying that they are not currently planning to search for jobs outside of their current industry.

Career interest and career assessment tests can be taken online to clarify, for job candidates, which industry may be the best match.

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