Navigating the Uncertainties of Career Change

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The slowly recovering economy has made it possible for many people to look into a career change. However, with any type of career move, changing a job path can come with certain difficulties and uncertainties that can sometimes be hard to face.

Penny Bradley Williams, a career management specialist, told WhiteField Consulting about how to deal with the uncertainty of changing a career path. Firstly, people who are thinking about changing careers should really evaluate what they liked in their current job and what they are seeking in a new one.

“Being satisfied with yourself lies at the core of professional competencies”, said Veronique Fayos, a career consultant at WhiteField. “The transition can be tricky, if you do not have the appropriate strategic road map. Fortunately, professional counsel gives you the confidence and tools to go forward”.

 Taking career training courses or enrolling in an MBA program may be the best option for those interested in starting a new career. Enrolling in various classes will let people get a better idea of what their new career path may be about, and make sure it’s the right fit.

This is very important for trying to land a job in a new career path, since the unemployment rate is hovering around 9.6%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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