Looking for a Career Change? Look to Teaching Yoga

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Many people are taking advantage of the recession to start turning their hobbies into new career paths. For those who enjoy practicing yoga, becoming a yoga teacher could be a logical progression in your career search.

Teaching yoga has a large amount of flexibility and will allow those interested to teach classes to individuals, groups and even large family sessions. With a variety of specialities, including yoga for pregnant mothers, restorative yoga and sports yoga, there is no shortage of opportunities for those looking to teach.

There are plenty of places to teach, besides yoga studios, including gyms, senior living centers, corporate lunch hour and hospitals, so many people can weave their knowledge of other industries into their teaching methods.

Instructor salaries tend to vary depending on where the class is held. For example, gyms may pay an hourly wage, but yoga studios may give a 50% cut from the total that comes from the class.

While a career change is virtually always scary, people are encouraged to write down what the want out of a career change and why they want it. With the difficult economy, people are combining their teacher training in yoga or fitness to create a new career that revolves around their favorite pastime.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of people in the fitness industry is expected to increase by 24% through 2018.

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