Career Assessment Test

A Career Assessment Test is exactly what it sounds like. It is a test or measurement tool that is used to help people take stock of where they are in their career. Career Assessment Tests help you to answer questions like:

Is my career on-track? Have I chosen the right career? Am I satisfied with my career? Is my career meeting my needs and desires?

There are several different types of Career Assessment Tests. One type of career assessment test can help you understand whether or not a job is the right match for you. Other types of career assessment tests measure your skills, values or even how satisfied you are with different aspects of your job.

Anyone who is interested in learning about themselves and their careers can take a career assessment test. It is especially useful for people who are:

  • Looking for work or want to know all their career options
  • Not entirely happy with their current career
  • Facing a career decision
  • At a career cross-roads and are thinking about making a job or career change
  • Returning to the work after an extended absence such as taking care of o raising a family or travel
  • Early retirees who are interested in finding rewarding ways of spending their time

Almost everyone experiences twists and turns when it comes to their career paths. A career assessment test can give you the information you need to make important career decisions and chart a course to happiness in your career.

Career assessment tests offers a means to discover the questions you should be asking yourself, and uncover the truth about your strengths, weaknesses and what will make you more satisfied in your career.

A career assessment test can give you a framework to sort through all those variables and make sense of your differing degrees of contentment with several aspects of your career.

Which Career Assessment Test Should I Take?

There are several types of career assessment tests available online, but their quality varies greatly. You should look for a career assessment test that is scientifically validated, which means that it was developed according to the rules of the scientific method. A scientifically validated career assessment test will provide you with the in-depth information you need to make the right career decision.

One career assessment test that is scientifically validated is the LiveCareer Test, available

Do I Need a Career Counselor to Take a Career Assessment Test?

Not necessarily. A certified career counselor can help you interpret the results of your career assessment test, but many people look at the report and interpret the results themselves.

In fact, until now, quality career assessment tests like LiveCareer were not widely available to the general public. Career assessment tests were previously only available through certified career counselors.

The beauty of the LiveCareer career assessment test is that it brings high quality career guidance information to you, so that you have in your hands all that you need to take your next bold career step.

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