Why You Should Take a Career Aptitude Test

A career aptitude test measures your natural talents and abilities. The results of a career aptitude test point to areas of strength and weakness, and can help you identify where you excel.

A career aptitude test asks you questions about your skills, knowledge and tasks you perform. People who take a career aptitude test can use the results to help identify several different career paths that are tailored to their natural abilities.

Some career aptitude tests are focused on specific types of jobs or industries, and test your likeliness of performing well in that field. For instance, you can use a career aptitude test to assess which industries fit your strengths: healthcare, technology or finance. Career aptitude tests can also point to specific jobs, such as administrative assistant, lawyer, accountant, or social worker.

If you are currently looking for a job, the knowledge you gain by taking a career aptitude test can be useful in job interviews. With a deeper understanding of yourself you will be able to highlight your unique abilities and connect the dots to the job opportunity.

If you are currently employed, a career aptitude test can also help you identify potential areas of improvement so that you can perform better on the job or improve your chances of promotion.

Who Should Take a Career Aptitude Test?

Anyone who would like to learn about themselves can take a career aptitude test. It is especially useful for people who are:

  • Interested in changing jobs or careers
  • Looking for a job and want to consider all their options
  • Curious about how their strengths apply to different careers
  • Returning to the workforce after an extended absence due to travel or raising a family
  • Early retirees who are interested in finding rewarding ways of spending their time

Which Career Aptitude Test Should I Take?

There are several types of career aptitude tests available online, but their quality varies greatly. You should look for a career aptitude test that is scientifically validated, which means that it was developed according to the rules of the scientific method. A scientifically validated career aptitude test will provide you with the in-depth information you will need to make an important career decision.

One career test that is scientifically validated is the LiveCareer Test, available here: www.livecareer.com

Do I Need a Career Counselor to Take a Career Aptitude Test?

Not necessarily. A certified career counselor can help you interpret the results of your career aptitude test, but many people look at the report and interpret the results themselves.

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