Aptitude, Resume Tests May Help Individuals Seek Jobs

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An individual who finds their current job to be unsatisfying may want to consider a career change. However, a resume test may reveal that it is missing keywords and information that could potentially encourage an employer to hire an applicant. There are a few things individuals should keep in mind before trying out the job market, according to the Jewish Journal.

Experts recommend including a variety of jobs on a resume. This can give an employer an idea of how far an applicant has come and a grand scope of their experience. Individuals are encouraged to include volunteer experience on their resumes as well.

Before embarking on a new career path, individuals may want to take an aptitude test to hone in on their strong points and skill sets. Being able to pinpoint these talents can also give an individual the additional information they need to fill out their resume.

The unemployment rate in November was 9.8%, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. In order to make a smooth transition into a new career, individuals must make themselves stand out from other applicants. Freshening up a resume is one way to catch an employer’s attention.

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