Penn State Brandywine Offering New Psychology Degree Program

Photo of a patient talking to a psychologist.

For people interested in pursuing a career in psychology and counseling, a broad background in human behavior on a resume can help them find a job across a wide range of industries.

Now, Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) Brandywine has introduced a bachelor’s degree in psychology to its curriculum due to an increase in demand by current and prospective students.

Director of Academic Affairs Paul deGategno said the program will combine the values and skills of psychology with a broad liberal arts foundation.

A degree in psychology is an excellent path for those who wish to help others, deGategno noted. “The possibilities are endless for students who pursue careers in this diverse field. They will have the opportunity to work in organizational development or human resource management, among many other options. We’re excited to be adding to the diversity of our campus academic offerings and know students will welcome this new career choice.”

School officials said the program will help students prepare for work in the human services, personnel and industrial fields, as well as serve as preparation for medical and law school.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that job opportunities for psychologists are expected to grow by 12% through the end of the decade.

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