Purdue’s College of Liberal Arts to Begin New Peer Partnership Program

Purdue Liberal Arts Peer Partnership Image

Many students looking to add a liberal arts degree to their resume may not have a clear vision of which career field they will enter after graduation. Now, Purdue University in Indiana has announced the launch of a new peer partnership program to prepare humanities majors for the workplace.

Linda Snodgrass, career services specialist at the College of Liberal Arts, told the Purdue Exponent that the program was created to help students focus on career building since the major offers such as wide berth of options.

I started the program as a way to harness the power of student talent and as a way to supplement the career development service, Snodgrass told the school paper. “With 4,500-plus liberal arts students, it is often challenging for the director to singularly meet all the needs of our students. A bonus benefit to the program is that the peer partners gain valuable leadership, presentational and resume-building skills, a win-win situation.”

The program, which is slated to begin next year, will offer interview preparation, resume advice, social media branding and job search techniques.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some of the most common occupations for liberal arts majors upon graduation include management, teaching and graphic design.

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