The Catholic University Offering Advanced Finance Degree to Liberal Arts Student

Finance Meets Liberal Arts Image

Students who graduate from college with a liberal arts degree on their resume understand it may be difficult to find a specialized job in today’s tough market. Now, the Catholic University is offering a graduate program in business to help people with liberal arts degrees find work in emerging fields.

The 1-year intensive master of science in business analysis program (MSBA), which was created in 2010,  also offers students a chance to network and intern with local businesses, government agencies and non-profit organization within the school’s Washington D.C. region.

MSBA program director and professor Stew McHie said the advanced business degree is a perfect fit for liberal arts undergraduates because those students have adaptable skills that translate into the business world.

Employers see an advantage in hiring our graduates: our students have excellent written and verbal communication skills from their liberal arts experience, and a foundation in practice-based business that’s second-to-none, McHie added.

The school said it is now taking applications for the fall 2012 semester and that a limited number of scholarships for the MSBA are also available.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the most common occupations for liberal arts majors at graduation include management trainee, sales, teaching and graphic design.

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