Ashland University Says Psychology Majors Becoming More Involved in Research

Photo of psychology students performing research.

It appears as if more students looking to add a psychology degree to their resume are becoming involved in research and scholarly activities.

According to officials at Ohio’s Ashland University’s psychology department, there has been a shift in the focus over the past decade with more students attending industry conferences and participating in research-based activities.

Dr. Mitchell Metzger, chair and professor of the school’s psychology department, said there are a number of ways that undergraduate students can take advantage of activities and research opportunities beyond the traditional classroom.

What these students are doing forces them to think in a different way. The research they are doing expands their logical and analytical thinking process and this will benefit them no matter what they will do in the future, he added. “If you have research experience as an undergraduate, you have an advantage over students who don’t have these opportunities.”

Metzger said that additional research expertise will also help students when they enter the workforce, even if they do not go into psychology after graduation.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities for psychologists are expected to increase faster than the average of other occupations, by 22%, through the end of the decade. 

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