5 Career Tips for Choosing the Right Degree

5 Career Tips for Choosing the Right Degree

Choosing the right degree for your future is one of the most difficult decisions a young student has to make. After all, your major could have a huge impact on your first job. And at the very list, your major will determine which university you choose. The last situation you want to find yourself in would be graduated from college with a four-year degree, wishing you could go back to school and re-do your studies in a different field.


But don’t worry! The following career tips will help college students pick the right degree.

1. Choosing a Field of Study

Picking your majoris the first step towards actually obtaining your degree. But it’s also where you hit your first crossroads. Should you pick a degree based on what you enjoy the most? Or should you pick a field that aligns with a “hirable” career?


Remember, your degree is meant to further your knowledge about a subject that you’re already interested in. You shouldn’t chase a business degree if you know you don’t enjoy the field and won’t be happy on the job. Choose a field of study that not only interests you, but one that you can envision yourself working in.


2. Evaluate Degree Potential

There are many different degrees that look great on your resume but don't offer much in the form of career potential. The workplace is very diverse, and you could be limiting yourself in the long run by choosing a degree that doesn’t build up the skills you need for a career.


Evaluate the degree by looking at what types of jobs you’d be interested in. If the jobs in a certain degree pique your curiosity, then consider choosing this degree. Again, you don’t want to write off a major too early, but follow your gut. If you know you’ll loathe the work, investigate other majors.


3. Choosing a School

It's natural to shoot for the least expensive school that you qualify for, but don't be fooled into this trap. Bydoing the prep workand evaluating the degree potential for your field of study, you can take note of where certain people in that field graduated from.


Some schools are regarded as "learning farms" where students are simply pushed through the curriculum without regard to what’s being learned. Other schools may find themselves in high regard with certain fields. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a great example. MIT is heralded as one of the top technical schools in the country and has produced legendary scientists and engineers.

4. Deciding a Path of Education

Getting your degree might seem like a simple course of action—freshman year, followed by sophomore year, etc.—but your end goals should also impact this pathway. For example, maybe you want to become a teacher. In many cases, you’ll need a master's degree to stand out from the pool of other teachers. You could outline a six-year plan that puts you on track to get your master’s and teaching credential. Hashing out this plan of attack beforehand will help you stay on track while you complete your coursework.

5. Gain Some Experience

It’s a sign of the times that simply graduating from a higher institute of learning isn’t always enough to land a job. Sometimes, a little work experience puts you over the top. Whether it’s through an internship or just doing side work in the field, this insight will not only give you additional knowledge, it will help you decide if this is the career field you wish to pursue. If you discover the work isn’t right for you, you still have plenty of time to change your degree to focus on another field.By choosing the right degree, you have the potential to expand not only your knowledge base but your career options as well. It can be easy to get caught up in the frivolities of attaining the degree you want. The problem with this is that it may not be the best for your career.


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Learn More About How Your Degree Can Help You

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Florida governor, Rick Scott, wants postsecondary institutions to create a $10,000 4-year degree program as a way to help graduates cut down on student loans.

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The New England College of Business and Finance announced it has formed a partnership with the Center for Financial Training Atlantic and Central States.

Arkansas Launches New Program to Give College Credit for Experience

The Arkansas Association of 2-Year Colleges (AATYC) announced an initiative that will allow students to get credit for prior learning.

Purdue's College of Liberal Arts to Begin New Peer Partnership Program

Purdue University in Indiana has announced the launch of a new peer partnership program to prepare humanities majors for the workplace.

Ashford University Helps Veterans Earn Degrees

Ashford University and Cox Communications have partnered up to provide scholarships to former military officials seeking a higher education.

Penn State Brandywine Offering New Psychology Degree Program

Penn State Brandywine has introduced a bachelor's degree in psychology to its curriculum due to an increase in demand.

Ashland University Says Psychology Majors Becoming More Involved in Research

According to officials at Ashland University, there's been a shift in focus in the past decade with more psychology students participating in research-based activities.

Psychology One of Most Popular Majors at Central Michigan University

Students at Central Michigan University are choosing a psychology degree more than ever.

Ave Maria University to Add Degree Programs

To meet the demands of students seeking degrees, Ave Maria University may establish two new majors in business administration and psychology.

Psychology Qualification Can Provide Boost On Career Ladder

Individuals interested in working in the field of psychology can get a boost up the career ladder with a degree in a related discipline.

Improve your employment chances with a bachelor's degree

Having a bachelor's degree significantly improves an applicant's chances of obtaining an interview and getting the job.

Purdue University Adds New Teaching Degree Program

Early childhood educators in northeast Indiana will now be able to add additional degrees to their resume thanks to Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW).

Washington' s Bastyr University Launches New Counseling Psychology Program

Bastyr University is set to launch a new masters of arts in counseling psychology program.

Rasmussen College Applies for Business Degree Accreditation

Rasmussen College has announced that it has been approved to enter the accreditation process for all of the school's business offerings.

Brandman University Expands New Associates of Arts Degree Program

In an effort to help students add more credentials to their resumes, Brandman University is expanding its online associate of arts (AA) degree program.

Rutgers To Offer Online MBA Program

Rutgers University announced that it will be offering a series of mini MBA programs to provide higher education opportunities to working professionals.

Business and Nursing Degrees are Some of the Most Valuable Degrees

According to Yahoo.com, business and nursing are two of the most valuable degrees you can earn.

Salem State Teams with Eastern Bank for Young Entrepreneurs' Initiative

The Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation will help fund a new initiative from the Enterprise Center at Salem State University.

Capella University Launches 6 New Advanced Business Specialty Degrees

Capella University says both its doctorate in business management and the doctor of business administration (DBA) will now offer specializations.

University of Scranton Offering Online Masters Scholarships for Teachers

The University of Scranton is offering a scholarship for teachers heading back to school to earn their online masters degree in education.

Dixie State College Advisers Caution Students to Choose Majors Carefully

When it comes to career choices, the degree you pursue could have a long-term effect on your job prospects.

SNHU Offering New Online Psychology-Mental Health Degree

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) has launched an online program for those looking to add a specialty degree in mental health.

Career Colleges Hold Summit on Preparing Graduates for New Workforce

The Coalition for Education Success recently held a summit on the role of higher education in the 21st century.

Schools Now Offering Specialized Degrees to Help Students Get Hired in Emerging Fields

A number of colleges and universities are now offering specialized courses or programs designed to help students get hired in emerging fields.

Cornell Launches New Dual Degree Program in Legal Psychology

Cornell law school is offering students a dual degree in the emerging field of legal psychology.

LeTourneau University Adds Specialized Advanced Psychology Program

The MA in marriage and family therapy from Letourneau is aimed at helping potential psychologists assess, diagnose and treat individuals, couples and families.

Counseling Master's Program at Northcentral U Gets Greenlight from California Board

Northcentral University has received approval for its online marriage and family therapy (MFT) master's degree program

Rensselaer Polytechnic: Degree in Sustainability Studies

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has announced a new undergraduate program aimed at those interested in a career in environmental sustainability.

Degrees, Educational Tools Encourage Young Entrepreneurs

Biz in a Boxx, an educational tool that teaches business skills, seeks to educate children for potential careers as entrepreneurs.

Touro University Offering Psychology Degree

Touro University has announced it will begin offering an online program in marriage and family therapy for degree seekers who wish to enter the counseling field.

The Catholic University Offering Advanced Finance Degree to Liberal Arts Student

The Catholic University is offering a graduate program in business to help liberal arts majors find work in emerging fields.

Tulane's MBA Program Wins Top Marks in Job Placement for Graduates

Tulane's A.B. Freeman School of Business is the number 1 institution in the U.S. when it comes to job placement rates for MBA graduates.

SNHU Introduces New Health Care Management Degree

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) has announced it will offer an online program in health care management.

UCSB Extension Adds Degree Credit Courses

The extension school at the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) has announced the addition of nine new courses.

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