Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association Announces Scholarships for Criminal Justice Students

Photo of a police officer with gun holstered.

Recognizing the financial difficulties that some students may face while trying to add an advanced degree to their resumes in order to find gainful employment post graduation, the Board of Directors for the Minnesota Sheriffs Association (MSA) has announced that it has set up a scholarship fund for prospective law enforcement officers.

The Northland’s Newscenter reports that the association will be giving up to 15 scholarship awards through the Carlton County Sherriff’s Office.

To qualify, students must currently be enrolled in a mandated peace officers skills training (POST) program, in their second year of a 2-year law enforcement program or in their third or fourth year of a 4-year criminal justice program.

Applications are available online or at any local sheriffs’ office in the state.

The MSA said it is also important for any potential criminal justice student to attend the necessary pre-entry training courses needed to pursue a career in law enforcement.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that job growth for police officers and detectives is expected to be 10% through 2018. According to the BLS, bilingual applicants with college training will find the best opportunities within the field.

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